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Family-friendly community

On the 6th of October 2014 the town of Ferlach was awarded the basic certificate "family-friendly community" and the UNICEF additional certificate "child-friendly community".

Now the town of Ferlach is taking part in the “family-friendly community” audit and in the UNICEF additional certificate “child-friendly community” for the second time. In addition to this, last year the citizens of Ferlach were invited to an ideas competition and to collaborate in the “family-friendly community” working group. The current situation and new measures for Ferlach were jointly developed during the workshops; after that, they were presented and approved by the municipal council in July.

One measure that has already been fortunately carried out is the implementation of a food sharing project. Since May, the Together Point association has been saving unsold food from the garbage can, thus making a valuable contribution to combating waste. In order to give young people and children a say in the community, measures that have already taken place, such as “Meet-Chill & Grill”, will be reintroduced.

Here young people can exchange ideas with politicians from all political groups in a relaxed atmosphere. Through the implementation of a student parliament, children should be involved in making decisions. For ex., when the main square was redesigned, Ferlach's students let their ideas flow into the project. Child-friendly traffic and the establishment of a “Kiss & Go Zone” at primary schools 1 & 3 are intended to ensure more safety on the road in the future. A fitness trail along the Loibl brook is intended to encourage the Ferlach population to do more physical exercise.

Measures 2019-2021:

  • Re-activation of the political and administrative measures with children and young people (Meet / Chill + Grill - young people meet politics, student parliament, children and young people are involved in decision making)
  • Food sharing
  • Homepage – exchange market "Ferlach hat / willhaben"
  • Kiss & go parking spaces at the schools
  • additional children's boards
  • Child-friendly traffic in Ferlach, make curbs and sidewalks barrier-free - starting from meeting places
  • Fitness trail along the Loibl brook
  • Attachment of children’s trailers to rental bikes 
  • Cultures market

Within the family-friendly community audit, additional measures and offers were developed in a public participation process in order to make Ferlach more family-friendly

  • Following measures were successfully implemented:
  • Young people plan and build an earth trail for bicycles with the help of the municipal building yard (report)
  • Child-friendly roads - the main square becomes a meeting place, curbs and sidewalks were made barrier-free when the main square was redesigned
  • Children are involved in decision making (children and young people are included in projects, for ex. in redesigning the main square in 2020)
  • Mayor's office hours for children and young people
  • Website for children (
  • The children's newspaper "Eulenpresse" (designed by primary school children for children) is attached to the community newspaper
  • Ferlachbörse (Ferlachbörse) - a regional sales and exchange platform
  •  Rental bicycles expanded to include children’s trailers and seats
  •  Coffee house with children's playgrounds
  • First aid course
  • Swimming courses in kindergarten
  • Summer kindergarten
  • Welcome party for Ferlach’s new-borns
  • Welcome gift for Ferlach’s new-borns
  • Parent-child group
  • Baby diaper pails (up to the age of 2)
  • Adults’ diaper bins
  • Ferlach Youth Centre
  • Soundproofed music room for young bands
  • Generations’ park - vitality and fitness park
  • LAiF - Association "Aging is worth living in Ferlach"
  • Summer cinema including own children's show
  • Free ice skating during the semester break
  • Free Wi-Fi in the city centre
  • Gift boxes
  • Food sharing
  • Expansion of the playground in Gaston-Glock-Park Ferlach