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The Ferlach Castle

Schloss Ansicht

In the first half of the 16th century, the edifice was built as a hall storey by a still unknown client. (It could have been the first owner of the Ferlach’s ironworks at that time: Thomas, Paul or Georg Tifrer - also Tiffrer.)

On the 6th of September 1662 the building was acquired by the Huebmershoffen, a family of tradesmen (since 1738 known by the noble name of "von Silbernagl"). In 1780 the building was expanded in its current form by Ignaz Freiherr von Silbernagl.

The Silbernagl family owned the castle for 182 years (1692 - 1874).

Because of the financial crisis in 1873, the Huebmershoffen von Silbernagl family had to sell its business to the trademan Paul Mühlbacher, including the castle.

In 1879 Mühlbacher's nephew, Gustav Voigt, took part in the works, so the castle became his property in the same year. The Voigt family was the owner of the castle for 78 years, until the right of ownership was transferred to the association named "KESTAG" on the 25th of July 1957.

With a resolution of the municipal council on the 16th of July 1991, the municipality of Ferlach bought the castle from one of the successor companies of KESTAG, the “VOEST-ALPINE-Steinel” in Linz, with funds from the federal government and the region. This was done to obtain a valuable and historical gem with a wonderful nature park for the citizens of Ferlach.

KESTAG-Präzisionswerkzeuge-AG bought the adjoining administration building (former stable of the Mühlbacher trades) with a resolution of the municipal council on the 29th of September 1991.

For the realisation of the Carinthian Regional Exhibition 1997 "About hunting... The story of civilisation" it was necessary to link the two independent existing buildings (the "Castle" and the "KESTAG - administration building") by means of a lower connecting structure and the addition of a “Rondeau” with an all-round view of the park.

With the aim of re-using the empty space where the regional exhibition had taken place, the gunsmith museum moved from the town hall to the castle. The new gunsmithing and hunt museum opened in June 1998 and from May 2001 it has been significantly expanded with the special exhibition “The hunt myth – The hoard collection”.

Today, in addition to the gunsmith and hunt museum and the special exhibition "The hunt myth – The hoard collection", in the Ferlach castle there are also: the city library, the wedding hall, a coffee house, the Kommunal GmbH office and a cosmetics studio.

Representative event rooms create a successful unity for all kinds of events.


Sponheimer Platz 2
9170 Ferlach