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The Meerauge pond

43 Meerauge

The Meerauge pond is in the idyllic Boden valley and is a dead ice hole created by a glacier during the Ice Age. Its turquoise-blue water, caused by algae, enchants visitors in every season. It is located at 1052 m above sea level and is accessible through a well-secured path. It is easy to reach it starting from the Bodenbauer inn, which is at the end of the Boden valley. This is the ideal hike for young and old!

The legend of the Meerauge pond

“Once two oxen sank with a cart and hay

- in depth - it was over in few seconds.

Nothing showed the misfortune, the dark horror.

Not the smallest wave could be seen by the eye.

Only weeks after that and beyond the heights

drove the oxen yoke over the Lake of Bled! "

According to the legend, the Meerauge pond is connected to bodies of underground water, even with the sea. For example, it is said that the fully loaded oxen ran away from their farmer while he was collecting hay; they fell into the Meerauge pond. A few minutes later the farmer reached the edge of the pond, but he could only sit and watch the load of hay and the oxen sink. Several weeks later, the oxen yoke was found floating on the Lake of Bled on the other side of the Karawanks mountain range.


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